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Tax Services

  • Individual Income Taxes 
  • For Profit Business Taxes
  • Non Profit organization taxes
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Problems

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Small Business Services

  • For profit Business Accounting
  • Non profit Organization Accounting
  • Business Plans
  • Business formation and registration
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Notary, Visa & immgration forms

  • Notary Public & Translation
  • Visa Services
  • Immigration Forms


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Our ultimate goals are saving your tax money and proper compliance. We are well organized and meticulous in  preparing, Planning, Strategizing, and solving all taxes either for individual or businesses.

One-stop-shop services for business

The first important step starting business is to register your business structure at the state and federal level. This way you can ensure that the  business name is officially “yours” and that you can do business using that name. We help you have a proper formation that accords your business objectives and activities nature. Our service includes State and federal Business registration, tax identification numbers , license processing,  etc.

Breckenridge, MN, April 15, 2009 -- A team of Small Business Administration (SBA) specialists finalizing their preparations as a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) opens for business. FEMA operates DRCs in areas affected by a disaster; these centers host multiple state and federal agencies to assist a community after a disaster. Mike Moore/FEMA